International Law Firm - FM procurement

BWA were responsible for the procurement of maintenance services to two City of London buildings and for resolving service delivery issues being experienced with the incumbent provider. This commission entailed re-developing tender documentation to facilitate enhanced service delivery performance and a performance payment mechanism to drive service providers towards service excellence and continuous improvement. Our work also comprised the production of a specification, which was written from 'first-principles' but still needed to include preferred elements from an existing specialist, the development of a new service level agreement (SLA), development of a performance payment mechanism, undertaking the tender analysis, managing bidder negotiations, etc. BWA were also tasked with providing a “shadow bid” to sense check the financial stability of bid submissions and to create an MS Excel tool for performance monitoring and payment mechanism. BWA worked closely with the Client on this commission and the attainment of a new, 'better fit', service provider was achieved. It is also worth noting that the Client has extended the contract term to the full amount of 5 years.