Sovereign Wealth Fund - Middle East

BWA provided assistance to a 'big-four' management consultancy to identify the potential qualitative and quantitative benefits from outsourcing selected back office support processes in facilities management as part of a corporate services business case (i.e. Finance, HR, Procurement, HSSE and FM). The support provided included defining operating model options as well as a high-level implementation roadmap. The work also involved site visits to key client buildings to anticipate future asset and service requirements, and subsequently, the arrangement of leading practice visits to UK sites deemed to have learning opportunities for the client team. The assets studied included residential, office, education, health, equestrian, research and development and social spaces. The key challenge for the client is growth of asset floorspace and servicing requirements over the next 10 years – which clearly demands efficient, well designed target operating model and a flexible FM solution at all process levels – strategic through to operational.