Transport for London - TFM Procurement

The commission involved the procurement of General & Technical Services for the Client's Head Office Estate, 1.6m sqft NIA across 46 buildings. BWA were responsible for:

  • reviewing the existing specifications (General & Technical Services let previously on a combined contract);
  • interviewing Building managers to align specifications to local requirements;
  • holding workshop sessions with staff (across various departments including: Group Property & Facilities, Group Procurement etc);
  • assisting in the development, issue and assessment of PQQ’s for each new contract;
  • developing maintenance specifications linked to colour coded property floor plans for all properties (for CAD team, enabling ease of future contract variation);
  • creating and & developing detailed contract specific tender pricing methodologies to facilitate post contract variation management;
  • working with the Client to agree content and layouts for supporting tender Appendices including scope of services matrices for both contracts identifying exact scope by building;
  • undertaking separate analyses of the non-financial and financial tender returns;
  • liaising with Group Property & Facilities & Group Procurement, including assisting with Tender interviews and finalisation of Contract Documents and Mobilisation support.

We also assisted with the mobilisation of the three contracts and currently provide ongoing support with performance monitoring, measurement and payment as well as managing service variations in terms of the client’s best interest and contractual agreement.