Zurich Insurance

As part of a global project management organisation redesign and competitive dialogue with potential suppliers, BWA helped Zurich to develop and evaluate options for unifying systems and driving “one version of the truth” in terms of data, information and knowledge available in standard reports. BWA were responsible for:

  • Interviewing key stakeholders within the existing global project management function, corporate real estate function and IT function.
  • Production of a target operating model for MIS - this covered a definition of key functionality required in relation to information management strategy, data cascade (i.e. upward feeding and consolidation of data into reports) ,workflow support (i.e. supporting processes for authorising work, payments etc), data storage (i.e. a single integrated workplace management database developed as part of Corporate Real Estate data requirements), data retrieval and migration from, or connections to, legacy systems.
  • Development of a reporting strategy – essentially various types of report drive the data requirements within/across the various systems and the optimum solution consolidates data/information/knowledge to drive reports at various levels of management (operational, tactical, strategic), at different periods (real time, monthly, quarterly, annually etc) and for different groupings of work (total global position, regionally, by project manager, by contractor etc).
  • Creation of a systems implementation roadmap covering functionality on day 1 through to optimum target model by year 3.